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Has PCI Got You Down?


April 21, 2016



It's a great morning, the sun is shining, you have an awesome career in information technology/security and life is good. You arrive at work to find a new project on your desk. Your business minded company executive has decided that your company needs to become PCI compliant! Ominous background music plays as the clouds roll in and you ponder if you need to make a career change.

You can spell PCI, and perhaps you even know what PCI stands for, but your knowledge of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is very limited. Your spare time is even more limited and you’ve got to make this a successful project so that you can maintain your good standing as the subject matter expert in the company. So, what do you do?

Like any technology expert worth their salt, you head over to your extensive research library, also known as the Internet, and begin to research what PCI DSS is all about. 

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Topics: Cardholder Data, PCI, Data Security Standard, DSS, Payment Card Industry, Credit card Data

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