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What is a Compliance Web Portal?


August 8, 2014



How a digital dashboard can improve risk management
Many companies have improved their risk management processes with the implementation of a compliance web portal, an easy-to-use monitoring tool that delivers real-time, all-the-time confirmation of compliance.
A compliance web portal is often implemented as part of a new approach to risk management called Continuous Compliance and Assurance (CCA). It’s an ongoing process of proactive risk management that delivers predictable, transparent and cost-effective results to meet information security goals.
A compliance web portal is a central component of CCA. It’s the digital dashboard that empowers risk managers to review performance against goals, adjust rules and demonstrate compliance as a present and ongoing position instead of a point-in-time snapshot.
With a compliance web portal in place, information security professionals gain new levels of control, predictability and transparency that transform the auditing process from an assessment to an efficient and cost-effective confirmation.

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