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The Best Regulatory Compliance Solutions


August 8, 2014



How technology tools can make information security efficient and predictable
For many risk managers, regulatorycompliance solutions can be a scary concept. It suggests that something can be left to run on its own, without oversight, and run correctly to protect a given function or framework. All too often, automated solutions lead to oversights, audit surprises, cost overruns and other negative outcomes.
The best kind of regulatory compliance solutions combine human and artificial intelligence to improve information security and real-time assurance. Instead of stove-piped software that lacks cohesive intelligence, smart regulatory compliance solutions include enhanced transparency for rules and vulnerabilities and empower risk managers to gain greater control over the compliance process, not less.
Searching for smart regulatory compliance solutions has led more and more risk managers to Continuous Compliance and Assurance (CCA), an ongoing process of proactive risk management that delivers predictable, transparent and cost-effective results to meet information security goals. It features an automated digital dashboard that empowers risk managers to review performance against goals, adjust rules and demonstrate compliance as a present and ongoing position instead of a point-in-time snapshot.
As a result, regulatory compliance solutions are anything but scary. With the implementation of CCA, it’s the best defense against the lengthy, costly audits risk managers fear.

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