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Synchronizing Governance, Risk and Compliance


August 8, 2014



Why companies must avoid a disconnected approach to GRC
Unfavorable audit findings are often the result of a poorly organized risk management department. To avoid audit surprises and protect against reputational risks, companies must align all governance, risk and compliance activities across the entire enterprise rather than rely on individuals who often do not have the ability to enforce policy across the organization. By breaking down information silos and synchronizing governance, risk and complianceactivities, companies are more efficient and better prepared for audits.
When governance, risk and compliance activities are managed independently from each other, companies run the risk of inconsistencies, vulnerabilities and redundancies. This negatively impacts operational costs and prevents departments from working effectively together. To increase efficiency and create transparency, companies with rigorous compliance responsibilities must leverage outside expertise and invest in technology that empowers them to adopt a company-wide approach to their information security goals.
Continuous Compliance and Assurance (CCA) bridges governance, risk and compliance by providing an ongoing process and proactive approach to risk management that delivers predictable, transparent, and cost-effective results to meet information security goals.

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