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How to Manage Security and Compliance


August 8, 2014



Using Continuous Compliance and Assurance to achieve information security goals
Every company holds some level of security and compliance responsibilities. For some, this challenge involves meeting complex and comprehensive standards, such as PCI DSS or SSAE SOC. Successfully achieving these standards, as demonstrated through a professional audit, is essential to the company’s survival.
In order to manage these security and compliance challenges, more and more companies are turning to Continuous Compliance and Assurance, an ongoing process of proactive regulatory management that delivers predictable, transparent and cost-effective results to meet information security goals.
Through CCA, security and compliance of company data and personal information is monitored at all times through a convenient digital dashboard that empowers companies to understand and demonstrate their compliance status at any time.
In addition, CCA allows companies to help define their own standards and gain control over audits. While the technical requirements of a given certification must still be met, the preconditions for security and compliance are controlled in a collaborative environment between business and auditor, enabling a truly secure, predictable (and budgetable) environment.
Real-time assurance through CCA delivers peace of mind that the state of security and compliance is ongoing rather than just an expired audit snapshot. By implementing CCA, risk managers can rest assured that their company’s information assets are protected at all times.

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