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How to Maintain Security Compliance


August 8, 2014



Three ways Continuous Compliance and Assurance simplifies security
Security compliance is an everyday concern for risk management teams looking to protect information flows and access points. By implementing Continuous Compliance and Assurance (CCA) – an ongoing process of proactive risk management that delivers predictable, transparent and cost-effective results to meet information security goals – companies gain three important security compliance advantages:
1. Efficiency: CCA empowers companies to proactively manage their information security in real-time. Rather than a reactive approach to security breaches or attacks that expose vulnerabilities in the control framework, CCA improves security compliance efficiency by leveraging technology to stay ahead of potential threats.
2. Cost-effective: Unfavorable audit findings can result in the need for quick (and costly) solutions. By utilizing technology like CCA to continuously monitor security compliance, companies can be more cost-effective and eliminate expensive audit surprises.
3. Predictable: When companies outsource expertise and leverage technology to monitor and control security compliance in real-time, they can be more confident about their information security and the predictability of their audit results.
Security compliance plays a critical roll in all risk management departments, which is why it is important that companies find an efficient, cost-effective and predictable solution like Continuous Compliance and Assurance to meet their information security goals.

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