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How to Find the Best Risk Management Assessment Tool


August 8, 2014



Three important questions every information security professional should ask
All too often, the search for an effective risk management assessment tool begins with the wrong assumptions about audits and information security. Instead of searching for solutions to the big problems, managers are usually looking for guidance on a specific standard or means to shortcut a particularly challenging requirement. They should be asking themselves these three questions:
  1. Does it help you demonstrate a level of compliance that actually matters to customers and prospects? A helpful risk management assessment tool should set you apart, not just help you keep up. Demonstration of present and ongoing compliance is far superior to a point-in-time snapshot.
  2. Does it introduce predictability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the auditing process? An effective risk management assessment tool should make audits all about confirmation, not exploration or evaluation.
  3. Does is help you control your audits through pre-qualification of requirement interpretations and compensating controls? An efficient risk management assessment toolshould simplify this process and eliminate audit surprises in the process.

To answer these risk management assessment tool questions and address their information security needs, many companies are turning to Continuous Compliance and Assurance (CCA), an ongoing process of proactive risk management that delivers predictable, transparent and cost-effective results. Through a powerful combination of technology and industry-leading expertise, CCA solves the risk management assessment tooldilemma.

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