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Introducing the CIS Blog


June 12, 2014



Welcome to the new CompliancePoint Information Security (CIS) blog. We’re excited to use this space as a platform to share important information regarding security issues and the emerging need for continuous compliance and assurance.
In the coming weeks and months, we’ll tackle hard information security questions about efficiency, transparency, liability, new technology and more. We’ll also provide a helpful glossary of terms and acronyms to serve the broader audience of professionals tasked with navigating the certification and auditing process.
Key members of our team will be contributing to the blog on a regular basis. Each contributor will bring specific expertise to the conversation, allowing us to look at information security issues from technical, operational and legal perspectives.
As experts in information security compliance assessment services, they will present case studies and examine the ways companies have achieved their compliance and information security goals. They will analyze the ways in which companies were able to increase their efficiency throughout the audit process and how continued compliance and assurance allowed them to create an ongoing process of proactive regulatory management.
Finally, the most important part of the blog will be your participation!
We look forward to interacting with our readers and creating a meaningful dialog that will encourage ongoing communication and stimulate new topics for discussion. By opening this forum up to comments and questions, we seek to create a community that educates and shares.
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